Loving Netflix. It is so cool to be able to watch all the episodes of South Park and Arrested Development. I am so excited to see the Arrested Development new episodes and then the movie. It is too bad that viewers didn’t take to Arrested Development like they should have.

Of course, South Park is one of the best shows ever to grace tv. I love the satire. Anyone who ever had me as a teacher knows how much I love it and how good I am at justifying it be used as part of my curriculum. 🙂


BlackBerry vs. iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII

Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on something because I still use BlackBerry. I have a very good Bold with OS7.1 and really like the keyboard over the touch screens of iPhone and Galaxy. I am sure I would get used to the touch screen keyboard but I’m not sure if I’d ever like it as much as the BB keyboard. Also, I like the fact that RIM is Canadian and I’d like to see them rebound. Unfortunately, I just don’t like the BlackBerry PlayBook…it’s too small. I’m holding out on the tablet thing because of the stupid touch screen keyboard too.

Stick with BlackBerry or get and iPhone 5 or 4S? Galaxy S III? Pros/Cons?

Should I get the iPad3+, iPad3, iPad2 or iPad mini? Skip tablets all together?

Has anyone used Mac Mini to develop apps for Apple? Is there any money in developing apps for Apple? How about developing apps for the new Windows 8 format?

Coaching Football

Fall is my favourite time of the year. However, it hasn’t been the same the past 4 years because I haven’t coached football. I coached high school football for 11 seasons (4 as the head coach) and I miss it so much. It became a huge part of who I am. Circumstances have kept me away but I hope that we will be able to get this new company rolling soon so that I can quit the restaurant industry for good and schedule my time so that I can coach again. I would love to coach at the senior high school level again but would be interested in young men’s or men’s level too.

My old team at SCITS finally broke out of years of futility this season with a 2-2 record, a third place finish and their first playoff birth since 2005. I am happy for the school but am disappointed to not have been the coach to bring them back to respectability. I really believe I could have built a strong program there starting in 2009 (the first season I missed). They play my other former school, St. Christopher Cyclones, in the semi-finals. Good luck to both…really miss coaching the Cyclones too.

Big weekend for my favourite football teams. Michigan plays Michigan State and the Chicago Bears play the Detroit Lions…#goblue! #gobears!


Car Stereo

Today I am going to go out and purchase a new car stereo deck. The stock one in my car now has good sound but it doesn’t have current connectivity I would like such as for my iPod and BlackBerry (iPhone soon??). I have pretty much narrowed it down to the Pioneer 2400. Hopefully the installation can be completed today too.


Hello World!

Hello. This is my first attempt at blogging. My main goal here is to briefly talk about what is going on in my life. Ultimately, it isn’t necessary that many people read it but it will help me to remember my own life.

Yesterday was a good day for the company my friend Neil and I are working on developing. We created a new branch that I am very passionate about. Our services will help me learn personally as well as help many people. Since leaving teaching at the end of 2008 I have been looking for a career I could be excited about.

Very soon I will also have up and running.

Stay tuned…