BlackBerry vs. iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII

Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on something because I still use BlackBerry. I have a very good Bold with OS7.1 and really like the keyboard over the touch screens of iPhone and Galaxy. I am sure I would get used to the touch screen keyboard but I’m not sure if I’d ever like it as much as the BB keyboard. Also, I like the fact that RIM is Canadian and I’d like to see them rebound. Unfortunately, I just don’t like the BlackBerry PlayBook…it’s too small. I’m holding out on the tablet thing because of the stupid touch screen keyboard too.

Stick with BlackBerry or get and iPhone 5 or 4S? Galaxy S III? Pros/Cons?

Should I get the iPad3+, iPad3, iPad2 or iPad mini? Skip tablets all together?

Has anyone used Mac Mini to develop apps for Apple? Is there any money in developing apps for Apple? How about developing apps for the new Windows 8 format?


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